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My Love as a Mover and Connector

Sometimes it seems like my life is pulling me in so many ways, but right down at the core of it is the love to move and make connections (within myself, with others, and as a community). Being a dancer, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and stuntwoman – My Job is to Move with intention, intelligence, and intuition to enable myself or others to function effectively, efficiently, and safely. Everything is a dance from the gross movements you see, to the tingling sensation that only I can feel through my fingertips, and maybe that you can only sense through the fibers of your being.

I love what I do, and I love being able to bring it to you as a client or as a patron of the arts. And I hope that what I love to do, brings a sense of appreciation and connection with the possibilities that you possess within your own body to accomplish amazing things.

I just want you to know that everything You do inspires me to become a better craftsman.

Best wishes, Erin Clyne

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Erin Clyne

Erin is the Owner & Founder of Wellness Lab and a Massage Therapist, Bodyworker & Yoga Teacher. Erin’s typical week at Wellness Lab is Saturday/Sunday/Monday and loves using clinical bodywork to help you move better.