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The Active Learning Method

Sweat NJ Kids unique Active Learning Method is a form of teaching in which our instructors engage children through fitness, while incorporating literacy and mathematical skills in the programs.

Our method here is: healthy body + healthy mind = happy child. At such a young age, children are impressionable. With our curriculum we want to ensure that our KIDS engage in sufficient minutes of developmentally appropriate structured activity. When developing the vision for Sweat NJ KIDS, I realized that our lessions can both inspire children to be active, develop motor skills, and learn proper exercise techniques as well as incorporate academic intergrations to give them a brain and body workout. In fact, 90% of our programs incorporate art, music, science, social studies, math literacy, and even wellness.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND OUR LESSONS PLANS "EVERYBODY FREEZE!" the coach yelled as the blasting melody of KIDZ BOP's version of "Cheap Thrills" came to an abrupt halt. Little ones all around stood like wobbly statues with colorful scarves in their tiny fingers.

Freeze Dance - one of the simplest forms of physical activity that can be played basically anywhere. Now, you might think to yourself: how does freeze dance actually teach my kid something besides following directions? And you're right, freeze dance alone is silly and fun and a good cardio boost but when paired with other elements, freeze dance becomes more than a game, it becomes a challenge.

The real lesson I see behind the game is starting, stopping and spatial relationships. With the use of spot markers, cones, key verbal cues, and creativity, we've turned a game into a part of a lesson plan about teaching KIDS how to safely travel in a chaotic environment. We've stimulated their bodies through continuous movement and their minds through specified direction and obstacles. This is how we have formed the basis for our curriculum at Sweat NJ KIDS.

IT ALL STARTS WITH IMAGINATION... Well, with the help of tools to back up our lessons. For example, we are big on using key phrases and including them in every session. The key in keeping a child's attention is by taking simple action words and making them whimsical. The phrases we incorporate into our lesson plans make following directions and learning concepts such as spatial relationships a lot easier. "Switcheroo" means switch places with one another and "Bubble Space" means pretend there is a bubble around every person and that is their personal space.

BIG KIDS EQUIPMENT A 5-year-old using TRX Suspension Trainers? Now that is the definition of BEASTMODE. We don't play around when it comes to pushing our KIDS to develop their muscles through the use of equipment. Though we use hula hoops, spot markers and colorful scarves to engage them in creative play, we also bring out the big KIDS equipment in our Sports & Fitness programs such as battle ropes, agility ladders, bosu balance balls and TRX. Our certified coaches teach them how to properly get the most out of their workouts when using this equipment. This way, they are inspired to continue using it as they grow.

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